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4 Steps to an interactive, dynamic, lead generating real estate web site with the latest programming and functionality.


The below steps apply to any of our semi custom sites. Semi Custom sites are created by using a custom design of the home page and the inner template. Only with a custom site (Starting at $15,000) do you get complete page by page custom design options.

STEP 1. After discussing your needs and upon receipt of the initial 50% of total investment we will have one of our designers call you to start the website based on your suggestion and ideas. After programming is completed you may make many changes until you are satisfied with the look of the home page. (5 hours) If we do a flash intro we will be using the photos and ideas you have chosen to create the theme based on existing flash designs/functionality that you have chosen. The colors, photos and text can be changed but the Flash Actions cannot be modified in a semi custom site. We will provide you with tens of thousands of high resolution photos to choose from for the flash intro. Please understand that all content MUST be provided prior to programming the site. Or you may add it to our web based editor upon completion. Content is simple text in a digital format that will be provided by the client. We do accept hard copies but there is a charge to convert to digital. Once the programming has begun we cannot make any changes to the site functions until the site is finished. You then have 10 hours of modifications as described below. If the Client continues to submit additional changes during the programming period and before the site is deemed to be completed they will be billed at the normal hourly fee ($100 per hour) if both parties agree to go forward with the submitted changes.


STEP 2. Design/Programming> The site colors and theme that hold the contentare created. If you require any meta tags added for the search engines we must have these prior to the start of the project so we can work them into the pages. You are allowed 5 hours of programming time for us to modify any semi custom software after the site is completed based on design of the home page. The IDX can be customized as to the fields that you choose for the search and details pages if we are given explicit instructions prior to developing the site. Other wise we again give you the ability to do this online yourself. All programming to bring it to fruition is done by RE-Data database designers and programmers to make this site work for you as it should.
If any changes to how the site works are required by the client they must be approved in writing by RE-Data prior to development. If any changes are required you can make as many as you want prior to the start of programming and agreed to by both parties. With our $7995 sites we welcome IDX customization of database fields for the search at no additional costs. Any other IDX programming changes requested after inception and during developing will incur additional costs if approved by Re-data and the client.


STEP 3. Upload website> After we have completed the website and the programming to make it work only then do we accept your final 50% payment. We then upload the site to our servers using your domain.

Any marketing of the website is an extra fee depending on level of marketing

After the site is live the client has 7 days to notify RE-Data of any missing content. If no notifications are recieved during that 7 day duration the website is considered complete. Any additional work will be billed at our hourly rate.


STEP 4. Support> Walk through of the admin console so that you can change most of your new real estate website using the built in tools for administration.


*Every effort is made to prepare text and work in accordance with your specifications and instruction. However, discrepancies do occur. Due to various display devices and resolutions, it is not always possible to match original color, fonts, sizes etc. however; we will try to match themes as close as possible.  RE Data reserves all rights to provide design options and proprietary programming.

Due to the limitations of HTML and programming functions there might be variances in your chosen design. Note that not all PCs have the same fonts installed so please choose a browser safe font. Also note that colors will appear different on different montitors.

IMPORTANT!!! Please be aware that we only use the default system functionality into the template as part of the web site customization service. When you need to customize the way search results or other system features work, add additional sections or functions, such changes are considered code or programming customizations and are priced accordingly. We will always let you know about the cost first. Your approval is mandatory before we add any additional expensies to the agreed upon price. All websites do require a hosting fee that is separate of any fees quoted.

Support. Unlimited free email support with our softweare. We do not teach webdesign or how the internet works. We assume that the cent understands how to use google to find the answers to most every questions regargin anything other than how to use our system. We have many helpful tips in our admin console for you to use and refer to. We also are available by phone (503-308-2441) to walk you through the initial set up of your site listings and site settings. We set the search engine tags for the best optimization for Google. We suggest you leave them as they are unless you want to adjust your positioning in the search engines. If you want to adjust the search tags you may do so without having to pay a Search Engine Optimization company to do it. We provide SE tips as well on a regular basis. We also have a suggestion box icon where you can get FREE programming if you come with an idea for new software for your website we have not used yet. Other Realtors™ also must benefit from us programming this new software!


What to avoid in a professional business site: Those sites that utilize frustrating navigational tools. Sound should never be used on the web unless you are selling music or have an entertainment site. Imagine surfing the web for info then you come upon a site that has annoying background sounds. This is a feature that is NOT needed.


Be sure to hire a fully accredited company. Ask them how long they have been doing web development. We have been doing this since 1994. This is the dawn of the web as we know it today. Being online at the beginning gave us the opportunity to watch web site development evolve from simple static web pages made in WORD to fully intricate database and software driven web sites.(Our specialty)

** Our Programmers and designers are fully accredited. Just a few credentials below.
Certified in E-Commerce Concepts
Certified in E-Commerce Implementation
Certified Master Perl Programmer
Certified Master HTML 4.0 Programmer
Certified Master JavaScript Programmer
Certified Master Apache Server Administration
Certified Master Database Designer
Certified CGI Scripting
Certified in Internet Concepts
Certified in Web Design Concepts
Certified in WWW Concepts
Certified in Web Development Concepts
Certified Web Designer Page Layout
Certified Web Designer Graphic Designer
Certified Internet Research and Evaluation
Certified RDBMS Concepts (Relational Database)
Certified SQL (ANSI) Programmer
Brainbench is the only ISO 9001 certified online skills testing and
certification service in the world. More professionals get certified at
Brainbench than anywhere else in the world. Learn about BrainBench!


Request an online tour of our new admin to see what is now possible! 1-866-469-4697

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Real Estate Websites now can utilize the power of our Automatic one click language translation services for our Real Estate web sites. Complete site translated in real time instantly! Even the data from your MLS will also be translated

*According to research done by International Data Corporation,non-English speaking users make up 70% of the total online population. Web users are three times more likely to buy when addressed in their own languages (survey by Forrester Research).

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