Website Design , Development

We design and program for the site, using whatever technologies are required for the site to meet its purpose. We usually hand-code all the pages to ensure the most economical code for easy maintenance and quick load times.

Online Promotion & Search Engine Optimization

RE-Data will work closely with you to ensure that your website places well when your keywords are searched online using one of the search engines. We will register your Website with the top search engines and monitor your site's results with our optional search engine marketing packages.

Secure Electronic Commerce

Credit card transactions on the Web can now be as secure as in-store transactions. RE-Data can enable your business to make sales online, whether you are offering one product or thousands of products.


Website Maintenance

RE-Data can be your virtual in-house Webmaster, making site updates the same day if necessary, or we can train someone in your business to maintain and update your Website in-house with our CMS websites. We can provide this training at your convenience by email, messenger or phone.

All website modifications (example extra pages, programming or redesign of graphics) are charged at $100 an hour in 15 minute increments so you don't pay more than you need to. Most updates can be done by you through our administration console. In fact 80% of the content can be modified by you at NO CHARGE.


Web Site Evaluations


Obvious Fact

Opinions are formed about your company in just seconds. Do you look Professional? Is your firm Stable? Are you Capable? Does your website visually support you, your business and your achievements; or does it detract and work against you?

It is our mission at RE-Data to create a website that clearly conveys the content you wish to deliver, as well as a website that provides the user with a successful and satisfying Web experience. This means that the design is elegant and clear, the coding is forward-compatible and in compliance with strict Web standards, the information is well organized and easily accessible via a clear and intuitive site architecture, and the pages load quickly. Remember content is king. This is the reason people go to your site.

More information

What is going on?


Real Estate Websites now can utilize the power of our Automatic one click language translation services for our Real Estate web sites. Complete site translated in real time instantly! Even the data from your MLS will also be translated

*According to research done by International Data Corporation,non-English speaking users make up 70% of the total online population. Web users are three times more likely to buy when addressed in their own languages (survey by Forrester Research).

Connect with us.

RE-Data uses social media to share company news and connect with employees, clients and others interested in the work we do. You’ll find us on numerous sites.



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