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Design new site
Redesign current site
Add special features to current site
Promote site
Sell products (approx. ) and/or services online
Marketing tool to get new customers/clients
Information resource for current customers
Provide customer service
We would like to accept credit cards
Shopping cart for approx. products
Site that uses information from our database
Add special features to current site
Simple, streamlined site
Complex, busy site
Serious, responsible, stable personality
Exciting, dynamic, progressive personality
Clip art, static graphics
Optimize pages for good indexing by engines
Submit site to engines and directories
Improve link popularity
Recommend paid submission and Pay-per-click programs
Right away
In 2 weeks
In 1 months
In 2 months
More than 2 months
Yes, before
From a search engine or directory.
From a link at another site.
From an online article or ad.
From e-mail.
From friend.